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    Late Pt. Arjun Mishra
    (Kathak Guru)

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    Mr. Anuj Arjun Mishra (International Kathak Performer)

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    Join, to excel in the art of kathak

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    Meet to know about Kathak in a better way

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    Meet to know about Kathak in a better way

About Anuj Arjun Mishra Dance Company (AADC - Kathak Academy)

A leading dance academy,AADC - Kathak Academy for Dance and Music was started in 1999 with the purpose of promoting the application of kathak dance in lucknow and in the state of Uttar Pradesh with 10 years of effort and commitment in AADC - Kathak Academy has gained the reputation of an institution which imparts training in Kathak dance and a holistic view of dance education.

Anuj Arjun Mishra Dance Company (AADC - Kathak Academy) is one of the most outstanding performing groups in the country. It has a unique style of its own. Creative innovations and an intelligent approach in themes and choreography has provided very dynamic dimension to the Kathak dance technique and has made a very strong visual impact. AADC - Kathak Academy performing unit has produced over 25 dance productions which have been staged and appreciated by audiences throughout India. The group has given a number of performances and participated in dance festivals in many cities around India.

For the past 10 years AADC - Kathak Academy performing group has enjoyed wide popularity and a busy touring season throughout India, many students of AADC - Kathak Academy won several prizes at state and national level and many students of AADC - Kathak Academy performed in many festivals worldwide, they also got scholarship from Government of India.

AADC - Kathak Academy dance program is a national initiative supporting dance education for all ages, through strategic curriculum relevant programs for primary and secondary students and career focused study for pre-professional dancers and university graduates. Dance connects schools,teachers and students to leading professionals in the dance industry, providing invaluable insight, opportunities and role models.

Classes & Training


AADC - Kathak Academy has a strong reputation for high quality performance. This skill and artistry over the years is resourced to craft systematic dance structures, from aspiring to professional dancers.


Designed for individuals practicing any form of movement discipline like Yoga, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, sports, etc.


Kids’ Workshop conducted in Summer and Winter holidays. Fun, energetic, body impulses come together to facilitate and enjoy creative dance understanding.


Our corporate programmes on themes like De-Stressing, Team Building, etc in Indian Movement Art have been presented to clients.

About Kathak

KATHAK literally means the art of story telling. Kathak was a ritual dance in the temple of Braj-Bhoomi in Northern India. During the age of Vaishnavism (a spiritual movement of Middle Ages), it was adapted as a way of worshiping the Gods. The Indian dance was described as the expression of the souls tortured by the separation of man of the God.

Kathak is famous for its delicate naunces, rich expression and graceful dance moves. It is the only dance that combines exotic sensuality and the worship of Hindu Gods.
Technically, Kathak is best associated with the intricate footwork of the dancers, who control more than 150 ankle-bells and take Breath taking rounds.

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